FOX 26 News Brief for Wednesday, August 29

The mystery of the woman ringing doorbells in Montgomery County has been solved. Montgomery County deputies responded to a home on Sunrise Pines this morning, because a person was making suicidal threats. Deputies forced their way inside and found a 49-year-old man dead. He apparently had shot himself in the head. The woman seen in a now viral video, ringing door bells in the neighborhood, is the dead man's girlfriend.

We've been following the Texas Children's Hospital nurse who lost her job after posting on Facebook about a young patient with measles. A medical law doctor tells FOX 26 she violated HIPAA.

Rhodes School for Performing Arts Northshore Campus was shut down by the state due to fire code violations one week into the new school year. The school's founder took us inside the school today, showing the concerns they quickly fixed.

A year after Hurricane Harvey, and many are still struggling to bounce back. One Texas City woman has been living without power in most of her home for the last year.