Four 12-year-old Houston boys who became USA baseball champions are now world champions!

Four 12-year-old boys from the Greater Houston area who became members of the USA National Baseball team are now world champions

"This is little league on steroids," said Ted Ciers.

These four 12-year-old world champions have a natural-born love for baseball.

"I was in love with Baseball ever since 4 since I got introduced to the sport, I just fell in love instantly it's been my passion ever since," said USA Baseball player Major Ciers.


"Ever since I picked up a Baseball, I was passionate for the game my dream ever since," said USA Baseball player Tristin Gaines.

"I was like 3 years old or 4 I went to the store, and I just picked up a Baseball bat and the T-ball I just swung," said USA Baseball player Dylan Mercado.

"Baseball just makes me happy," said USA Baseball player Ty Chambliss.

"I think the hardest and scariest part for the kids was actually making the team,"Ted Ciers said.

All the boys are obviously great baseball players, but it takes more than that.

"They're not only looking for kids that are physically capable of playing this game they wanted to make sure they're emotionally mature enough to handle the situation and understand how big this is to represent the United States of America," said Derek Chambliss.

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"It was amazing to watch in a short period of time the coaching staff of USA Baseball how they selected 18 kids and pulled together to play on a world level," said Will Gaines.

These boys spent two weeks playing in Taiwan, beating seven countries.

"It started off with the Czech Republic and then they played Japan and the Dominion Republic Korea Mexico and Venezuela twice," said Ted Ciers.

"The won the gold went undefeated I think first team in history to go undefeated in the WBSC world championship," said Derek Chambliss.

Unbelievable in my mind I though that's not going to happen to us," said Adrina Mercado.

"It wasn't like a little local tournament at the scrapyards it was on a National level in Taiwan and we just destroyed every country," Major Ciers said.


"We all ran there on the pitchers mound and jumped on each other thought I was going to pass out because I was on the bottom," said Ty Chambliss. 

"We always want to win and no matter what if we lose we stay happy," said Dylan Mercado.