Former golf instructor accuses colleague of molesting young boy

A shocking allegation that a young boy, leaning to golf, was molested by his instructor. This all taking place at the Memorial Park Golf Course. In addition, the accuser used to be contracted by the city of Houston to teach golf.

This apparent molestation took place on July 24, 2016.

“I’m here today to make all of you aware that while working at Memorial Park, I witnessed a young boy being molested by an employee of the Houston Parks Department and he’s a golf instructor,” said accuser Danny Crowley, Jr.

It’s an accusation that had everyone at city council listening.

"I immediately reported the incident to the range supervisor who told me he also witnessed the incident," said Crowley.

Crowley is a former city contracted golf instructor, who taught students at Memorial Park for 12 years.

"I witnessed a crime, I report it to the appropriate supervisor and you’re going to cancel my contract?" questioned Crowley. "And their reply was, ‘it’s in the city’s best interest.’”

Terminated, Crowley believes, because he spoke up after witnessing a fellow instructor inappropriately touch a boy, who Crowley says was 8 or 9 years old.

“There’s a number of very unsettling allegations here, in my opinion,” said council member Brenda Stardig.

“This is the first time that this matter has even been brought to my attention," said Mayor Sylvester Turner during council.

Houston police confirm Crowley filed a report after the apparent incident, but said the case has been suspended because the boy’s dad did not want the case pursued and the mother returned none of HPD’s repeated phone calls.

“This is my last resort is to present it to city council," said Crowley.

FOX 26 reached out to the Houston Parks and Recreation Department who referred us to police.

“I don’t want the public leaving here thinking that we would not take either of these cases seriously, and I want to make sure that we understand what the full picture is," said council member Stardig.

While this case has been suspended, police say if more evidence surfaces then it could be reopened.