Florida school resource officer has fun with kids in PE

The school resource officer at a Highlands County School had a blast with kids during a P.E. class. 

The School Board of Highlands County shared video of Deputy Charles Proctor playing a heated game of rock-paper-scissors with students. 

In the game, the deputy and the student come from opposite sides, hopping in hula hoops toward each other and when they reach each other, they square off in rock-paper-scissors. The winner continues hopping forward until another student reaches him and then they rock-paper-scissors again. 

Deputy Proctor is seen excitedly winning the first two matches, but is overtaken by the third student as the students in the gym erupt into cheers. 

"Our Highlands County Sheriff's Office School Resource Deputies work hard everyday to keep our schools safe," the school board posted. "But they also get to have some fun and build great relationships with students."