First responders work to protect themselves from COVID-19

Houston’s first responders are on the front lines when dealing with the Coronavirus. Despite taking many of the suggested precautions a few members of our law enforcement and fire department have tested positive for the virus.

The latest numbers show that 8 first responders in Harris County have tested positive for the Coronavirus, others have been tested, but we are waiting on those results.

“We have one firefighter that has tested positive for COVID-19. We’ve tested four others because they displayed some symptoms, but we haven’t gotten the test results back. So we don’t know what the outcome of those test are at this time,“ says Sam Peña, Chief of the Houston Fire Department.

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According to Peña, the number of Houston Firefighters that are in quarantine is now 33 due to potential exposure to the Coronavirus. A majority are staying home, while a few were put up in a hotel for the 14-day process. In total, about 340 firefighters have self-reported potential exposure to the virus. Peña tells Fox 26 the “Over 320 of those have been low-level exposures, and about 30, or 36 of those have dropped off and come back to work already.“

Houston police announced three confirmed cases of COVID-19. Art Acevedo the Chief of the Houston Police Department says “They are all home in isolation and they are all doing well they are all in good spirits, I know a lot of people are praying for them.“

The Harris County Sheriff’s office posted this tweet saying:

“As of this morning, the total number of employees who have tested positive for #COVID-19 remains at 4. We’re awaiting test results on 10 deputies.”

“There are ZERO confirmed cases among the inmate population.”

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Both HPD and the fire department have admitted that they would need more on staff to help combat the spread. Chief Peña eagerly waits for when the new wave of cadets can join the department. “If it doesn’t slow down it’s going to be, it’s going to have a critical effect on our staffing levels.“

We were told that the city is working on a long term facility for first responders, and for the general public that are not able to quarantine at their home. We will, of course, pass that information to you once they make that announcement.