First baby born after April gave birth given giraffe hat at St. Joseph's

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The folks at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital are obviously fans of April the Giraffe. 

They had a tiny, crocheted giraffe hat ready and waiting for the first baby born in the hospital - after April the giraffe gave birth at Animal Adventure Park. 

And Saturday morning, a lucky little baby name Jeriel was made even cuter by the yellow head wear.

St. Joseph's Women's Hospital posted photos of Jeriel with his glowing mother and hospital staff Saturday, April 15.

"Welcome to the world, Jeriel! Our team had a very special handmade hat waiting for you, our first baby born after #AprilTheGiraffe delivered her long-awaited calf this morning," St. Joseph's Facebook post read.

According to labor and delivery nurse Becky Allen, Jeriel was born just 12 minutes after April's baby entered the world. Congratulations to Jeriel's parents and the L&D team for a job well-done!