Fire, burglary spur support for Katy pie shop

Before this week's damaging storms, a Katy pie-shop was already having a really crummy week, that ended on a much higher note thanks to a community of customers and businesses who've rallied to the rescue. 

Proud Pie opened seven years ago, and its owners believe part of their mission is to do good with their pie-proceeds. They recently held a first-ever 'pie run', that attracted hundreds who ran to benefit Camp Hope. Then came their terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. 

It was revealed in an Instagram post, on National Pie Day, of all times, showing Proud Pie's delivery van in flames on the side of the road. There were, thankfully, no injuries, but the next morning brought another post that a burglar had smashed the front door and stole the shop safe.

Anyone who might imagine that one-two punch might be a knock-out blow, would be mistaken. When the social-media news spread, Prod Pie lovers came calling. 

On Tuesday, every pie and food item was sold out. The shop had to close on Wednesday, and work a double shift to bake enough pies to meet the demand of a community answering the call to see a cherished neighbor survive. 

Standing in a steady line of customers, Carrie Manley wanted to help erase the bad news, "This is not what Katy's about; people breaking into their store, and having their car break down. What better time to buy pie, than to help out a neighbor." 

There's a reason for that devotion. Last May, responding to the Uvalde shooting massacre, Proud Pie closed its doors for two days and donated more than 2,600 slices of pie to Uvalde residents as a sweet response to their bitter experience. 

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Owner Scott Chapman says the effort was as much a help to him as to them, "We were trying to be the ones to love them, and what ended up happening is they loved us back, just as much." 

The good citizenship is contagious as some Katy businesses also jumped in to help Proud Pie out of its predicament. Brett's BBQ Shop offered free food with a Proud Pie receipt and a local realtor is holding a drawing for a Proud Pie gift card for entrants who show a proof of purchase. Also, No Label Brewing Co. is offering a free pint of its Gilley's blonde ale, through the weekend to anyone with a $10 Proud Pie receipt. 

"We can all run into a couple strings of bad-luck, and all of a sudden, that business that you love is no longer there anymore," says No Label co-owner Tom Paynter. "This is the least we can do." 

Insurance will take care of replacing the burned-out delivery van, and the burglar has not been caught, but community support has helped ensure that Proud Pie remains open for business.