Feeding The Frontline: Houstonians take gourmet meals from area restaurants to medical teams battling COVID-19

A Houston area woman wants medical workers to know they are appreciated, and she’s not only telling them, but showing them.

We caught up with a woman who is now taking part in Feeding The Frontline. "It has been a beautiful experience to watch what is happening," explains Carla McDougal Founder of the non-profit Reflective Life Ministries who has now helped create Feeding The Frontline.

"I mean they’re bringing meals that are gourmet meals" she smiles.

Feeding The Frontline is teaming up with area restaurants who then make breakfast, lunch and dinner for hospital workers and deliver the food to them.

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"Even though we’re going through a challenging time it really keeps us going," smiles Angela Morgan, Medical Surgical Oncology Nurse at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands.

"The restaurants are closed, can’t go out. They [medical workers] are overworked and overrun with extra shifts," adds McDougal.

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McDougal and a friend came up with the idea to use donations to support local small eateries while blessing our healthcare heroes.

"It’s just the beauty of the collective effort of a community and what we can do together".

Every meal delivered is also packed with a letter of encouragement and a prayer, like this one: "We are lifting your staff and emergency medical heroes up on a daily basis. Please know that you’re not alone. We are in this with you".

"That’s what keeps us going is the prayers from the community, the prayers amongst ourselves and letting each other know hey we have this. God’s in control but we have this and He’s going to help us get through it," says Morgan.


If you’re trying to figure out how you can help during this crisis Feeding the Frontline would love to have you. Find the group by clicking here.

Also, let’s remember the Houston Food Bank which normally gives 500,000 pounds of food every day but now so many people are in need, that number has skyrocketed to 750,000 pounds of food given per day.

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