Father who lunged at Nassar in court released

The father who lunged at former sports doctor Larry Nassar during court Friday morning has been released from custody. An emergency contempt of court hearing was held early Friday afternoon for Randall Margrave, in which he apologized for his behavior. The judge accepted his apology and did not choose to issue fines or jail time. 

The Eaton County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the matter, however, and will turn their investigation over to the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor could still choose to issue charges. 

An earlier version of this story mistakenly said Margraves would not face any charges. That was incorrect, as it is still unknown if Margraves will face charges, and we apologize for the error. 

Earlier on Friday, two of Margraves' daughters gave their victim impact statements around 9 a.m. Their sister spoke at last week's sentencing. When their statements concluded, their dad was given permission to say something to Nassar. First, Margrave looked at Nassar and called him 'a son of a b----.' The judge reprimanded him for swearing. 

Then he asked the judge if, as part of Nassar's sentencing, the judge would grant him five minutes alone in a locked room "with this demon." The judge said no and began to explain that's not how the legal system works -- then Margraves ran from behind the podium across the courtroom towards Nassar. 

Before he could get to the former doctor, he was subdued by court officers. Crying could be heard in the courtroom as Nassar was escorted out. Margrave was also escorted out in handcuffs. 

Distraught father tries to attack Nassar in court

Margraves apologized during the emergency court hearing later that afternoon.

He said he knew his daughters were speaking, but didn't know what they were saying. He admitted he got upset when he saw Nassar shaking his head, "like it didn't happen."

"Who would put themselves through this if it didn't happen?" Margraves told the judge. 

Margraves apologized and said he has calmed down, and promised he wouldn't attend any other hearings. He said he was embarrassed, too. 

The judge accepted his apology and said he can be released. 

This is the third and final sentencing for Nassar. This particular hearing focuses on his work with Twistars, an elite Michigan gymnastics club. 

More than 30 victims have given statements so far. The hearing will extend into next week. 

Nassar has received two other prison sentences so far -- 60 years for child pornography and 40 to 175 years for abusing young women and girls at Michigan State University and his home.