Family searching for answers after 45-year-old father killed in Las Vegas

A family in the high desert pleading for help to find the killer of a 45-year-old man. For reasons no one-- not the family, nor the police can figure out-- a man came up to Luis Campos and sucker punched him in Las Vegas. Now the father of five is dead. And his family is devastated.

It's never easy to share your pain, but Joyce Garibay, Campos' mother, and her other sons are hoping by speaking out they will get closer to finding the killer of Campos.

Right now security video is the best lead Las Vegas police have to the suspects responsible for the death of 45-year-old.

Take another look at the security video, the family is hoping you will recognize the two men in the video. 

As they finalize burial plans for Campos, there's concern for his widow and two young children, plus his three teenage children from a previous marriage. There are two Gofundme pages that have been set up to help raise funds for them.


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