Loved ones say man who went on crime spree first reached out to 911 for mental health help

Family of the man accused of going on a bizarre attack that left a man dead at a River Oaks area high-rise apartment says law enforcement did not do enough to help. 

DETAILS: Houston police shoot suspect accused of running over man, stabbing another

Before a 25-year-old allegedly stabbed one man and carjacked as well as killed another at the Hanover Autry Park High Rise, loved ones say he called 911 several times trying to get mental health help that never came.

"I just feel like they failed him," Christy, a loved one who asked to keep her relationship anonymous said "They should have gotten him some help."

She explained her heart is broken after learning 25-year-old Ronnie Cesear Jr., 25, allegedly went on an unusual deadly crime spree at a Houston luxury high rise. 

Before doing that, she says he was telling his mom he saw ghosts and the ghosts were attacking his son.

"He was like ‘yes it is mom, yes it is,’" Christy explained. "He said ‘y’all can’t see them?’"  


Cesear allegedly carjacked construction foreman 67-year-old Carrl Hayes around 3:20 a.m. on Tuesday as crews worked on the Hanover Autry Park apartments, but the crime didn’t stop there. He is said to have run over Hayes, killing him, as the foreman walked to the building. Then investigators say he rammed the stolen pick-up through the high rise. 

Cesear supposedly smashed into the building again, targeting the office where the Concierge ducked in to hide.

A third man was then stabbed supposedly by Cesear and the 25-year-old was ultimately shot and tased by Houston Police as investigators say he charged at two officers with a knife. 

"If they had taken him into the facility this nightmare that has happened would have never happened because he would have been in the facility getting the proper help that he needed," Christy says. 

She's referring to what she says was Cesear’s week-long cry for help. He lives in Beaumont, and she says he called 911 13 times since last Monday saying he needed mental health help. 

"A mental (health) officer from Beaumont did come out, but they said he wasn’t a harm to himself or others," Christy says. 

She adds that on Friday the 25-year-old’s mom was told the same thing when she went before a judge to get help for him. The family says Cesear was doing well until something happened in college.


Monday when his mom couldn’t find him she went to the bus station in Beaumont and says a woman recognized his picture as a young man who had just boarded a bus to Houston, whom she told not to wear a face mask he found on the floor, but he did it anyway.

"She said she felt like something was wrong with him because he picked up a face mask off the ground," Christy explained.

HPD isn’t confirming Ronnie Cesear Jr. as the man who went on the crime spree at the Hanover, but family members say it's him, and they say he is in the hospital being treated after he was shot by officers. The man who was stabbed is also expected to survive.