Family says final goodbyes to slain 6-year-old

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An emotional day for the family and friends of 6-year-old Moses Jimenez who was killed in a drive by shooting.  His funeral took place  Friday afternoon at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

The family faced yet another tragedy.  They say 11-year-old Manuel, who was shot in the chest, had to have emergency surgery and wasn't able to make his brother's funeral.

The parents and siblings broke down around Moses Jimenez's small coffin. They choose to put their little angel to rest wearing wings.  His says he lived up to the heavy weight his name carries, meaning savior.

"He speaks very much to that name, his character is the same way like Moses in the Bible, his character was very strong ," a cousin said.

It was hard people for people to stay strong inside this place of worship. Many are trying to cop with the tragic way in which Moses died.

Moses was his parents' pride and joy. Friends say he lived to make people laugh and had a bright future.

"He was full of passion and energy and he had big dreams," Nathan Brown said.

"Very smart. He was a first grader. His teacher loved him very much, very active and wanted to be something in the future but of course this was his final destination on his part," the cousin said.

The family says Manuel still fights for his life and is devastated he wasn't able to say goodbye.  They say Moses' twin sister Delilah will never be the same.

The prayer is that somehow through this tragedy comes healing and comfort.