Family pays respects to lost loved ones in murder-suicide

On Mount Pleasant Street a day after several people lost their lives in a brutal murder-suicide, friends and family gather to pay their respects. A poster signed by those in the community shows just how much Robert Wesley was loved.

"He was a very nice guy and was respected in the neighborhood," says Sandra Missouria.

"I was surprised, everyone was shocked, I couldn't believe it," says a man who goes by the nickname Nilow.

Robert Jackson was a cousin of Robert Wesley, who was killed inside the home, allegedly by his girlfriend's daughter.

"I mean, I never expected to see him go or like that," says Jackson. He arrived to the southeast Houston neighborhood after another family member contacted him.

"My other cousin called me and asked me if I looked at the news and I said no and he told me that's Robert and I said, 'No, no,' it can't be because Thursday, I came by," says Jackson.

Just a day after Jackson's visit, Houston police was contacted to go to the home on Mount Pleasant Street near Scott Street. Once inside, officers found two bodies and a third person was wounded and in critical condition. One of the people found dead lived a few doors down and when police checked that house, another body was found.

Police say it appears to have been a murder-suicide.

In Fresno, Fort Bend deputies conducted a welfare check on a sister of the suspect and found 48-year-old Carolyn Jean Holmes dead.

At Theresa's Meat & Grocery, signs are up asking for donations to help cover funeral expenses.

Jackson says he had to come by the house he often visited to pay his respects.

"I just had to come by, I just had to come by because this is everything that I use to do," says Jackson.

Theresa's Meat & Grocery will host a crawfish boil on Monday and Tuesday to help Wesley's family with funeral costs.