Family of six burns charcoal in home; suffers carbon monoxide poisoning

A family of six was rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after burning charcoal inside their apartment to stay warm.

A resident spotted smoke coming out of a second-floor apartment at the complex in the 8500 block of Easton Commons Drive. Cy-Fair Fire Department responded but didn't find a fire. 

The family was trying to keep warm by burning charcoal in some type of container.

"Several of the pediatric patients the children had carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. They were lethargic they were disoriented," said Captain Arizpe with the Cy-Fair Fire Department. 


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The family had been using the burning charcoal for warmth for about four hours.

"Any longer would have been deadly for this family," Cpt. Arizpe said.

Officials want to remind everyone Carbon Monoxide is tasteless and odorless.

Don’t use your car for warmth even with the garage door open and don’t use any kind of open flame or gas-operated device inside or near your home for heat.