Families released from ICE custody make stop in Houston

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Despite Thursday’s deadline, more than 700 immigrant children taken from their parents at the Texas-Mexico border remain separated. Of those children, more than half of their parents have already been deported. So far, around 1,400 children over five years old have been reunited with their families.

On Friday afternoon, a man and his son who were among those separated made a stop in Houston. 

The father, who did not want to go on camera or give his name, says he has not seen his 11-year-old boy until two days ago after they were separated on June 15. The man says he still doesn’t know where his son was during that time. He adds that the boy has not said much in the last two days. The boy seems numb. The pair is from Guatemala and are now heading to Florida. 

Around five other immigrant families released from ICE custody to sponsoring relatives were waiting for a bus to their next destination. Most of the families were apprehended by border patrol agents earlier this week and feel fortunate they were not separated from their children.They were from Honduras and El Salvador. The families were headed to other states including Louisiana, Maryland and New York. It was their first stop since leaving the McAllen Central Station.

All the parents are now wearing ankle monitors and have court dates when they'll have the opportunity to make their case for asylum before a judge.