Fake $100 Target gift cards left on cars in Rosenberg

Some shoppers say they found what looks like $100 dollar Target gift cards on their cars when they left a Target in Rosenberg, but the store says it's not from them.

These plastic cards say, "If your lucky numbers match, you are a winner" and list prizes including one million dollars, a Royal Caribbean cruise, and a new LG TV.

At the top of what looks like a $100 Target gift card says in fine print, "This is not an actual Target gift card."

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We contacted Target, which confirms these are not authentic Target gift cards. The Better Business Bureau says they haven't received any information about where these cards came from.

In fact, there is no company name on the card, only a phone number.

We called the number and the woman who answered said she was only an answering service.

We asked, "Can you tell us who the company is that put these out, that created these?" No response.

We asked, "What business hired you to take these calls?" No response.

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We started to say we wanted to try to reach the company, but the call was disconnected.

The fine print on this card says winners have to make an appointment to redeem prizes, and winners are responsible for any activation fees, deposits, port charges, and taxes.

Before entering or redeeming any sweepstakes or prize, consumer advocates with the BBB and AARP say be sure to read the fine print, you should never have to pay to claim a prize, and to never give out your personal or financial information.