'F--- Trump' lady joins forces with 'Old Man with a Sign'

The “F--- Trump" lady, as she’s being called, is joining forces with the so-called “Old Man with a Sign,” who has been traveling throughout the U.S. on a campaign against President Donald Trump.

Karen Fonseca’s “F--- Trump” window decal became national news after the Fort Bend County Sheriff announced that she could face charges for it.  She had heard about the “Old Man with a Sign” Gale McCray who was touring the U.S. with his sign which reads, “Trump That Boy Don’t Act Right.” She told him she would like to meet him and take pictures if he ever visited Houston. McCray, who lives in the Dallas area, made the trip.

Fonseca and McCray have been parking the truck and bringing out the sign for pictures with people passersby in the Houston area each day this week. On Wednesday, they set up shop in the Walmart parking lot in Stafford.

“They see me...and they go, 'Wow, someone’s out there saying something,'” said McCray of his supporters. He admitted that he also gets a lot of criticism.

“I get backlash,” said McCray, adding that people give him "the finger" almost daily. “I’ll say, 'Oh, it was a six middle finger day,' you know, or something like that.”

Fonseca’s window decal reads, “F--- Trump and F--- You for Voting for Him.” A middle finger is shown on the decal above the word Trump. Since her controversy with Sheriff Troy Nehls, she’s added a second decal that is identical to the first one, only replacing Trump’s name with Nehls.

“It is bold, you know,” said McCray of the language in Fonseca’s window decal. “It’s not my style, but I support her and she supports me.”

McCray, who is retired, says he’s been visiting other cities and states in the nation with his sign for two months. His next stops are San Antonio and Austin.

“If you grew up in the south, I grew up in Oklahoma, you’d say something like, ‘Well old Bob’s son, he makes good grades, but that boy don’t act right sometimes,’" said McCray, explaining the idea behind his sign. "Well, it’s the same way with Trump.”

Fonseca plans to continue parking her truck for pictures with McCray through the weekend.

“I like his message," said Fonseca. "It’s more reserved." She compared the message in her decal to his sign.

"I like the more bold statement, only because it’s more appealing to...this type of generation today and it’s more blunt and to the point.”

Fonseca says she’s had the window decal for eleven months, and it wasn’t until Sheriff Nehls said she could face charges for the decal that her campaign picked up steam.

The sheriff has faced criticism from free speech advocates ever since.

After seriously considering campaigning for Congress, the sheriff told FOX 26 News on Wednesday that he will not run for Congress in 2018.

When asked whether his decision not to run had anything to do with the Trump window decal controversy, he told FOX 26 that was not the case. He explained that his decision was based on financial reasons. If he ran for Congress now, he'd have to resign as Sheriff and face unemployment for the next year. He did not rule out the possibility of running for Congress in 2020.