Several agencies investigating after 3-year-old suffers broken femur bone at daycare

3-year-old Janiya Guzman is still at home unable to walk, and her father, the sole provider is now unable to work as he cares for his daughter. 

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On October 6th Raymond Jones says he went to pick Janiya from Walker's Daycare center in the Sunnyside community of Houston. Jones says he found Janiya on the ground trembling in pain, so he rushed her to the hospital where he learned the toddler's femur bone had been broken.

FOX 26 went to that daycare center on October 10th and spoke with the owner James Walker, but he said he didn't know what happened and wouldn't comment any further. 

On Wednesday, October 19th we called the daycare again to see if there was any update, but we never received a response. 

Jones says when CPS came to the hospital his daughter told them Ashley hit her, he says Ashley is the name of a daycare employee. 


CPS sent FOX 26 the following statement: 

"DFPS will investigate whether abuse or neglect occurred in this case. Findings from our investigation will be turned over to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), the state agency that licenses and regulates daycares in Texas. We opened the investigation on October 7th." – Melissa Lanford, DFPS Spokesperson

We also reached out to the HHSC, and they sent FOX 26 a statement as well: 

  "Once an investigation is concluded, HHSC may recommend or impose enforcement actions against an operation based on the seriousness of the situation and on the operation’s compliance history. A description of HHSC Enforcement Actions and considerations can be found on the HHSC Child Care Regulation website. Generally, details about abuse/neglect investigations are confidential, and any information about abuse/neglect investigations would need to be requested through DFPS. HHSC conducts on-site monitoring inspections of all licensed childcare centers at least once annually. The full five-year inspection and compliance history for Walkers Day Care can be found on the HHSC website. We last visited this location on April 28, 2022 and found no deficiencies at that time."

The Houston police department is also investigating the incident. Jones has hired a team of lawyers who are also looking for answers. 

We'll continue to follow this story closely, check back later for updates.