Exclusive: Toddler suffers broken femur bone at Houston daycare, father says staff member is to blame

James Walker is the owner of Walker's Daycare center located on Livingston Street in the Sunnyside community of Houston. On Thursday, the father of 3-year-old Janiya Guzman says she suffered a broken femur bone while she was at that location.

FOX 26's Gabby Hart confronted the owner in front of his establishment and asked what happened. "I don't know, and I have no comment," Walker said.

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Raymond Jones is Janiya's father and sole caregiver. He says he goes to work just so he's able to spoil his little girl with bikes and toys, but she's now unable to play with them because of her broken leg. Jones says he hasn't gotten any answers about what happened to his daughter from the daycare, but he says Janiya told him Ashley hit her, and Ashley is a staff member at that daycare. 

"They act like they don't know anything, you got 100 people in there, and for that kind of damage to happen to this child you would've heard something, and nobody is saying anything," Jones said.

According to Jones says, when he picked his daughter up and saw the knot on her leg he rushed her to the hospital and that's when x-rays revealed her femur bone had been snapped in half.

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"The bone is broken in half, not just cracked, broken," Jones said. 

FOX 26 continued to press the daycare's owner for some sort of answer.

"We are crying and everything else. We've been here for 40 years in this same neighborhood, everything is going to be taken care of. We have no comments, and we will have a lawyer that you can talk to," Walker said.

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Jones says his daughter is traumatized, and now he wants justice and a better answer about what happened other than 'I don't know'.

"It's been hard for me. I started crying. It's a hard thing, I've been taking care of her since she was a baby, that's all I do is care for my daughter," he said. 

The Houston Police Department confirmed there is an active investigation into this incident and the Crimes Against Children Physical Abuse unit is handling it.

In the meantime, Jones says he plans to take legal action.