Eight local pharmacies robbed by same suspect

Houston police say a single person is responsible for a string of robberies that started on March 15 and have been happening more and more frequently in the last few days.

"He walks in and gives them a note and does it in every robbery, acting as though he tells them he has a weapon and then demands narcotics, more specifically hydrocodone," says senior police officer with the robbery division Jeff Breiden.

The suspect has hit eight local pharmacies, covering his face with a handkerchief and walking away with hundreds of pills. Wednesday afternoon, he also targeted a Fred Loya insurance agency where he took money.

Surveillance video shows a man police believe to be around 5'10", between 180 to 200 lbs and is either Caucasian or Hispanic with dark hair.

At each location he is seen leaving in the same car. "As he leaves he gets into a Ford Fusion that has no window tint," says Breiden.

Police say most of the locations the suspect has hit have been close to each other. Like the Walgreens in the 9700 block of Buffalo Speedway, which was robbed March 24. The CVS in the 7900 block of Main Street, hit the same day. As well as the Walgreens in the 3800 block of Old Spanish Trail, which was robbed Wednesday afternoon.

"They are all on the south part of Houston which causes me to believe that he probably lives somewhere in that area", says Breiden.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.