Ecological and economic impact of Houston Ship Channel collision

A two mile sheen on the water near the Barbours Cut Terminal of the Port of Houston, is visible from the air. That's what the Coast Guard says. The Carla Maersk tanker that is sitting in the water had multiple tanks punctured that were carrying MTBE, a volatile, flammable chemical that poses a risk to people and animals in high concentrations. A crash with another ship on Monday caused the leak. That one terminal closure is affecting roughly 50% of the 150 terminals in the area, as traffic is not able to get near the leak. Residents are not in danger, says the Coast Guard, but boaters are advised to drive away from the vapors if they smell them. The Coast Guard plans to update the media on Wednesday at 11am. Residents are worried about the fishing, shrimping, and crabbing, as well as the economic impact that may occur, depending on what the investigation reveals. The NTSB and several other agencies are involved in the investigation. It could take several days to clean up the spill and restore traffic flow.