Dozens of racist flyers promoting white supremacy found thrown with rocks in Heights neighborhood

Racist flyer Heights

Racist flyers with disturbing images were found scattered across dozens of homes in the Heights overnight Sunday. Houston Police say the department has received multiple complaints and are now investigating. 

Mary Jo and many of her neighbors in the Heights woke up Sunday morning shocked and disappointed, finding racist messages promoting white supremacy in their front yards.  

"I saw in my yard what looked like a white piece of paper that was not blowing anywhere. It was a sandwich bag that had about three good sized rocks in it and a piece of paper," Mary Jo said. 

"It had a Swatsika on it and reference to the Aryan nation. We threw it away. Looked down the street and sure enough, they were at every other house or along the street," said Tim Doyle.

Tim Doyle and his 5-year-old daughter went on a jog Sunday morning and noticed the flyers on just about every other street for up to a three-mile radius.

"We saw them all down the neighborhood all the way down to Heights High School, kind of the whole north section of the Heights. This is a very diverse neighborhood. This is why people like it. It’s really disappointing to have that happen. Our camera caught the truck come by and throw it," Doyle said. 

Just before 2 a.m. Sunday, ring doorbell footage from E. 27th St. near N. Main St., captured a white pickup truck tossing the bag onto his front porch, then driving off. 

Many Heights residents are now on edge wondering why their homes were targeted. 

"You feel safe here. That did not make me feel safe. What’s going on? I believe in free speech, but this is not free speech. This is trashing my home with garbage," said Mary Jo.

The Houston Police Department tells FOX 26:

"The Houston Police Department is aware of fliers with divisive messaging and propaganda distributed this weekend in various neighborhoods. We take this type of incident very seriously and are investigating the matter to the fullest extent. As always, our partnerships and collaboration with all our communities in our city are important to us and we ask anyone with information in this or any other similar incidents to contact police immediately so the incident may be thoroughly investigated. "