Dogs guard empty house where owner left them to fend for themselves

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“Anytime I’m out and see animals in the street I can’t help it I have to stop,” said Robyn Flowers.

What Flowers discovered about these two dogs broke her heart. The folks renting this home in Tomball moved away leaving these two behind. They can get out of the fenced yard but spend most of their time underneath the house patiently waiting for someone whose never coming back.

“They do believe that someone is coming back for them,” said Diana Brown with White River Animal Rescue. “It’s sad as a human to know no one is coming back for them.”

“They’re like protecting a house that’s not even a home anymore,” Flowers said. “It’s sad.”

Soon there won’t even be a house for them to live under. It will be knocked down and animal control will be summoned to remove the dogs.

“Animal control will give them maybe 72 hours and they’ll put them down,” Flowers said.

Flowers has been feeding the dogs daily and is determined to save their lives. Brown says White River Animal Rescue can find the dogs a forever home but needs help finding them a temporary one.

“We are hoping to find a foster who can take them in or in the alternative raise enough money so we can board them and get them vetted so they can be adopted,” Brown said.

Flowers prays these two can stay together.

“That’s all they have right now is each other,” said Flowers.

Robyn Flowers knows she can’t save every abandoned dog but she’s bound and determined to save these two lives.

“You know I have to believe there are good people out there,” she said.