Dog recovers from acid attack as authorities search for suspect

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Who hurt Trixie and why?

That's the question Fulton County Animal Control Officers are trying to answer after someone doused Trixie, a Blue Pitbull, with some kind of acid. Animal Control described the injuries as horrific from some kind of chemical attack.

Trixie's owner, Jeffry Matherlee said he discovered Trixie clawing at the front gate of the appliance and repair business where he lives and works last Saturday afternoon.

“I came down to the gate Saturday afternoon and I thought I was looking at a science experiment, I almost passed out. Half her face is missing. I found out later someone threw acid on her,” said Matherlee.

He shared pictures of Trixie at her worse which are much too graphic to show publicly. He believes Trixie was badly injured when she ran into the woods adjacent his home and perhaps onto the vicinity of Sawtell Avenue where he lives in Southwest Atlanta. Matherlee said he first called Atlanta police which in turn brought in Animal Control to find who injured Trixie and why.

“I really don't know. I couldn't tell you that. I don't see why anybody would do anything like that to any dog," said Matherlee. He is finding some comfort in Buddy, the only canine behind the gate when he returned from the store to find Trixie missing. He's thankful a veterinary hospital saved her life before transferring Trixie to Fulton County Animal Control to continue with her major medical care.

"They're not sure whether she's going to lose her eye or not, she has to have extensive reconstructive surgery," said Matherlee.

Animal Control wouldn't discuss specifics of Trixie's care nor Matherlee's claim he might have to surrender her since he can't afford to pay for it. The top priority investigators said is finding who hurt Trixie so badly.

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“She's very loving, kind. She doesn't bite anyone. She's not aggressive. Whoever did this, there's no reason. There's no ryme or reason. It's uncalled for, there's no cause for it," said Matherlee.

Fulton County's Animal Control is asking anyone with any knowledge in Trixie's case to give them a call. Matherlee said he got Trixie from a friend in April when she was eight weeks old.