Dog groomer fired after video surfaces

A dog groomer in Katy is out of a job after video surfaced of her being aggressive to a small dog.
It was on Thursday afternoon when Brooke Vowers brought in her little dog Boo to a PetSmart in Katy along the Katy Freeway for a grooming session. She couldn't believe the horrifying story a fellow customer told her about what happened to her dog.

“I just waited for her in the parking lot after I had taken the video and called corporate and I just felt like it was the right thing to do to wait for her and let her know what happened because it was her dog and I wasn't sure if they were going to tell her themselves,“ said Terah Leder

Boo’s owner contacted PetSmart’s corporate office right away and within two hours, the employee, who has not been identified, was fired. Miguel Rodriguez, spokesman for PetSmart tells FOX 26 News, “Obviously, what we saw in the video was definitely something that PetSmart does not condone, so since then, since seeing that video, we have taken the actions of separating with that associate.“

Vowers was pleased with the quick action PetSmart took in firing the groomer and wants other dog owners to learn from her story. “To other people to be more cautious because my dog is my baby and that’s all that I hope to get across from this message.”