Director of Houston Public Works submits resignation

Carol Haddock, the Director of Houston Public Works, has submitted her resignation to Houston Mayor John Whitmire. 

In a letter to council members on Wednesday, Houston Mayor John Whitmire said he accepted Haddock's resignation and informed them of changes that will be implemented in his leadership team. 

Carol Haddock

Carol Haddock

Whitmire said Randy Macchi will continue serving as Chief Operating Officers of Houston Public Works and will oversee department non-engineering decision-making. 

Richard Smith will serve as Interim Director of Houston Public Works and the City Engineer. He will oversee all engineering-related decision-making. 

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Whitmire said in his letter that we will launch a search for Houston Public Works Director and City Engineer roles in the coming days. 

Whitmire thanked Haddock for her service to the city of Houston and wished her the best in her future endeavors.