Despite cold-related deaths, some of Houston's homeless remain outside

As we head for another night of near or below freezing temperatures, some of the city's homeless are still choosing to ride out the cold on their own.

At least two deaths are already being blamed on the cold, even still some prefer to live out in their tents and wait for warmer weather.

"Yes I'm getting tired of this cold. I'm ready. The heat feels good now. The heat feels good," said Raymond Liges who has been sleeping out in the cold since it settled in Houston earlier this week.

Sunshine was a welcomed gift on the faces and camps of those choosing to stay out in the cold and not move indoors as many shelters have opened up to share their warm spaces.

"We have blankets and stuff inside of the tent," said Merlene Liges.

And for Merlene and Raymond Liges, that's all they have to stay warm inside of their red tent pitched below a busy Houston highway.

"The streets are a community and you're used to hanging out with the people of your community, but the shelters also have rules for the most part and a lot of folks don't want to follow the rules," said Sergeant Steve Wick with Houston Police's Homeless Outreach Team (HOT).

One man who chose the streets ended up in the hospital. He's in stable condition now, but a tweet by the Houston Police says exposure to the cold landed him on a stretcher.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been so lucky as HOT knows of at least 2 deaths where the freezing temperatures are being blamed.

"The people that passed away were pretty sick anyway. I mean it's hard on the street. The cold weather is certainly a contributing factor," said Sergeant Wick.

But for Merlene and Raymond, they prefer to stay together as a married couple outside rather than be separated at a shelter inside, only a few hundred feet from their tent.

"I try to stay warm. I bundle her up, I bundle myself up. We bundle each other up like a burrito," said Raymond.

And there's hope that this cold weather will soon be turning warmer.

"Fresh first signs of light were birds in the trees so I mean it's got to get warmer," said Merlene.

If you see someone who may need help, you're being asked to dial 311 and someone with the city or county will respond.