Deputies looking for man caught on camera in violent road rage fight

A violent road rage incident was caught on camera on a Beltway 8 feeder road in the Cypress area. Now the Harris County sheriff’s office is looking for the man seen in the video fist-fighting a woman.

The woman in the video is Analisse Quintana. She told FOX 26 it started when she accidentally cut the man off in traffic around 5:20 p.m. on Thursday.

“When that happened, he started to pursue me very aggressively,” said Quintana. “He even jumped on the beltway tollway to catch up to me.”

She says the man in the pickup followed her Kia Soul for about five minutes until they reached a stoplight.

“He pulled up to my window and started saying very disrespectful things and did throw in some racial slurs,” said Quintana.

At the second light, he got out of the truck.

“He punched my window first and then punched me,” said Quintana.

Her car window is now taped with plastic after the glass shattered.

Quintana says when he punched her, she got out and the fistfight began in the middle of the road.

“I did try to defend myself, but I should have made a better decision and stayed in the car,” said Quintana.

Video shows the final punches thrown. It then shows her walking back to her car as the pickup takes off.

“You get upset—okay great—but to physically assault, especially a grown man to assault a woman, I just haven’t really grasped the concept,” said Quintana.

She was on her way to her mom’s house when it all happened.

“I heard it in her voice as soon as she said, Mommy,” said Edna Mojica, Quintana’s mom. “And I was like, What? She couldn’t even speak. I said, Okay, calm down. Breathe.”

Quintana is left with some injures.

“I have some scratches on my arm here,” said Quintana, showing scrapes along the length of her forearms. “I also had glass in my big toe.”

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies say they are looking for the man involved in the road rage incident. He’s a blonde man about six feet tall in a gray Ford pickup. Quintana said he also had a small child riding with him in the truck. If you know who he is, call the sheriff’s office.