Demonstrators fight for elderly woman in Harris County Adult Protective Services

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Demonstrators were back in action this afternoon at the Harris County Civil Courthouse to let the public know the health of Doris Davis is on the decline.

She's the 87-year-old who was placed in Adult Protective Services and the Guardianship program in Harris County in 2014. That's after a medical evaluation determined Davis suffered from dementia and was not capable of living alone.

Now, a new independent medical evaluation taken at the urging of supporters who want Davis released from a nursing home, indicates the widow with no children should be living in an assisted living facility.

The doctor also said Davis meets the legal definition of being incapacitated despite what some protestors say.

The report also shows Davis has partial capacity and the medical expert warned the courts she has short term and immediate recall memory issues.

The doctor further stated Davis could be easily influenced and exploited by others.

In the meantime, supporters say they're concerned about Davis' immediate health right now.

Kofi Taharka says the frail senior is now hospitalized.

The latest medical evaluation has been filed with the courts.

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