Crowds turning out in Phoenix for March For Our Lives rally

Crowds are turning out for the March For Our Lives rally in Phoenix. Organizers are expecting 15,000 to 20,000 people at the Arizona State Capitol on Saturday. FOX 10's Courtney Griffin reports.

"Young people are sick and tired of not having our voices heard and disregarded as young kids who cant vote," said Jacob Martinez, a junior at Dobson High School. "It's going to show when we band together. We're going to get results."

Speakers will start to speak at 10:00 a.m., which will be followed by the march itself. An estimated 300 volunteers will be on hand, helping people register to vote.

Student leaders in the Valley have reviewed the school safety plan recently rolled out by Gov. Doug Ducey, which includes more resource officers and mental health spending, but doesn't address background checks at private shows or a ban on bump stocks.

"Unfortunately, it's obvious that the Governor is trying to appease independent voters by creating a woefully inadequate plan that has low impact and low resources," said Jordan Harb, a junior at Mountain View High School, on Wednesday. On Friday, Harb talked about their plans.

"Our new plan addresses mental health, enforcement of laws, which includes universal background checks, and promoting responsible gun ownership," said Harb.

On Friday, activists who organized the march had a word for Gov. Ducey.

"We're encouraging Governor Ducey: please come out to the march tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.," said Martinez. "It's right in front of your office. We'd love to have you. If you come, we promise we'll give you a speaking spot, so you can convey what you're trying to do to thousands of people."

"Our primary goal is to register young voters, and recruit youth organizers," said Harb on Friday. "We will be having a booth there, getting contact information for young students who want to be more active in this, so we can give them an activist tool kit with materials to allow them to start a club possibly, stage a walkout on 4.20, with the approval of their administration, and register their senior class to vote. This is a big opportunity for us, as there is going to be historic numbers of young people standing on the Capitol building. We are going to make sure these young people leave tomorrow paying attention."

There will be food trucks, as well as porta-potties, outside the Capitol, and people are encouraged to bring sunscreen, as well as water, to stay hydrated. Participants are advised to show up around 9:00 a.m., as parking is limited, and there will be traffic.