Crime scene investigation day for Houston kids

Everyday students sit down in their classrooms to learn, but it's not everyday FBI agents and workers are the teachers.

Friday morning a CSI Day was held at Atherton Elementary by Dare to Dream, which is a program put on by the Harris Foundation. These special classes are aimed at getting kids out of trouble and interested in thinking about their futures.

"The core of the program is to make good grades, do well in school, behave yourself, make good decisions and look to the future, in other words, it really is dare to dream", says one of the Dare to Dream founders Carole Allen.

Fourth and fifth graders from several school met in several classrooms to take part in the classes. Students were taught everything from how to find and dust for fingerprints to packaging up evidence.

Special agent Perrye Turner has been working in the Houston field office for years and says it's important for kids to have a good work ethic early on in life, so they know what they want to do when they graduate high school.

Turner says, "growing up I never saw an FBI agent, growing up, so if a kid can see an FBI agent, they can aspire to be one".

Of course if the classes are fun, that can't hurt. "They are so excited and just from talking to them they love it, they absolutely love it", says director of Dare to Dream Andrea Mosley.