Crazy Azz Video - Clerk shoots robber

Crazy Azz Video - Crazy azz police chase

Cops in Phoenix, Arizona, chasing the driver of a little red SUV with cameras rolling on this bootleg Fast and the Furious. With the SUV speeding down the busy street, either two things could happen—a crash or his gets cuffed. Both happen here. The SUV crashes head on into another car and flips over several times. Somehow, he still managed to get out that mangled mess and run off from the crash. The freedom was short lived. He got tackled by cops right after.

Crazy Azz Video - Clerk shoots robber

This is what happens when everybody is packing heat. A robber walks in with a gun and tries to rob an Arizona 7-Eleven. He points his weapon at the store clerk. Who then runs to the back, but he wasn't scared at all. He went to go get his gun. When the robber tries to bolt from the store, the clerk runs after him and shoots him in the back. He survived and is facing several charges. The clerk should be all good in the court system for now.

Crazy Azz Video - Vet fights truck thief

Here's a lesson everyone needs to learn – don't mess with a veteran. This Navy vet fought back when a thief tried to steal his truck near Fort Worth. The suspect first begged Allan Huddleston for cash and cigarettes, but he really wanted the truck. So he tried to take off, but realizes he doesn't have the keys and tries to get them from Huddleston.  But the vet gets him in a headlock and pulls him out. The thief ended up getting away, dragging the vet behind him, breaking his leg.

Granny don't play

Granny don't mess around, especially this one in Oklahoma. Sandra Gunnells filed a police report after her 15-year-old grandson stole her car. But when she found out where he was and spotted him driving her car, she took matters into her own hands. She decided to chase him down.

“He was in oncoming traffic, driving like a maniac in oncoming traffic,” says Gunnells. “Just as we got even with each other, he swerved in front of me, I hit him and because I thought maybe I could spin him out and he would stop. When he hit us, I hit that pole and did all of that damage over there.”

“Let us do our job. When you get in chases, this is what happens,” Tulsa Police Department Corporal J.D. Curran says.

Police say she’s lucky no one got killed.