Councilman's unique program turns unemployed into business owners

Some Houstonians who were without jobs and quite frankly without much hope of finding work no longer need employment.  They are suddenly business owners.

“They have gloves, trash bags, lawn mower,” explains Houston City Councilman Dwight Boykins as he shows us the items. 

The equipment and a pickup truck are answered prayers for Reginald Venable, who says he’s been doing a lot of praying since entering Councilman Boykin’s contest.  “Yes I have.  Yes, I have,” says Venable, who owns Courageous to Hope Landscaping.  He says he came up with the name after reading a book by the same name encouraging you to be courageous enough to have hope.

Venable is truly a new business owner, as in, he started today working several jobs but was still barely able to make ends meet.  Now he owns his own company thanks to Councilman Boykins and his "sounds too good to be true" contest. 

“I said well you know what why don’t we give them an opportunity to create their own business at the same time hoping they take all this lawn equipment and hire someone who needs a second chance,” Boykins explains.

After receiving 300 business plans, Boykins teamed with a northeast Houston tow company Autos R Us and chose four Houstonians to bless with their own pickup truck and every bit of lawn service equipment they’ll need to start their own landscaping company.

“May God bless his family and bless y’all too for coming and interviewing me.  I’m excited about it.  It’s beautiful.  It’s my first time being on the news,” Venable laughs.

Boykins was also surprised when another contestant was offered a job at Autos R Us as a wrecker driver.  “Isn’t God good?” Boykins says in response.

As for Venable and his new business venture, “Y’all wish me the best,” he smiles.

Venable hopes to encourage others to continue to hope even if dozens of doors have been slammed in your face.  He says he’s proof all it takes is one to open to change your life.