Could fortunes be shifting for casino gambling in Texas?

The odds have never been better for Texans aching to see casino-style gambling gain a foothold in the Lone Star State.

"I think it is long overdue. I think Texans are ready, their appetite is wet, it’s ready,"said State Senator Carol Alvarado.

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The Houston Democrat is again offering a proposal for a quartet of gaming resorts, each equipped with luxury hotels, restaurants, convention centers and entertainment venues.

"This is not like somebody setting up a black jack table or putting a slot machine in a convenience store or a bar," said Alvarado.

If approved, Alvarado’s measure would give Texans the final say in a statewide referendum.

"I think Texans deserve the right to vote on it because they are traveling to so many states nearby or further away to gamble. Texans love to gamble," Alvarado explained.

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Polling consistently backs that claim with a super majority of Texans eager to see casinos under construction here, sooner rather than later.

Alvarado sees in the limited number of regulated gaming resorts, a draw for out-of-state tourism and the prospect of significant job creation.

"It would be a boost to our economy and diversify our economy," she said. "I think we should always be re-inventing ourselves. How can we diversify the Texas economy?"

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Popular enthusiasm aside, Alvarado’s Casino bill has drawn support from House Speaker Dade Phelan and for the first time, a willingness from Governor Abbott to consider giving Texans a choice.

That leaves Alvarado’s colleagues in the State Senate and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick as potentially the last and largest hurdle.

"You are talking 185,000 jobs direct and indirect," said Alvarado.