Gas station in Clear Lake ordered to stop selling diesel fuel after contaminants found

A gas station near the Space Center Houston has been ordered to stop selling diesel Saturday after officials reportedly found contaminants in the fuel. 

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Officials with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) announced in a press release a Stop-Sale Order was made against the Star Stop gas station on NASA Parkway. This comes after several customers filed complaints with TDLR about their engines suffering damages as a result of the diesel fuel sold by the station. 

Further investigation corroborated these claims, where investigators noted in a press release they "found that the station was selling diesel fuel that does not meet state-required quality standards – and it continued selling the contaminated diesel fuel even after [being] informed there were issues." 

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Officials add the station could receive "further injunctions" if they continue to sell dispel fuel but said it may still sell non-diesel fuel but must show their diesel fuel meets state quality standards before trying to sell it to consumers.