Congressman Al Green calls to impeach President Donald Trump

Congressman Al Green started a town hall meeting Saturday morning, by playing a clip of him speaking on the House floor, asking to impeach President Donald Trump. The Texas representative is calling for this action because he says the president obstructed law when he fired FBI Director James Comey for investigating him.

While some Houstonian's attending agreed with Congressman Green, others did not.

Lee Winn says, "everybody needs to be more patient to let Donald Trump to finish his job and perform his duties and responsibilities as the president of the United States".

"The only thing I'm thankful for Donald Trump is that he gave me a wakeup call", says Fanny Wong.

At the meeting Congressman Green took questions from the community about their concerns and another issue brought up was funding for multiple agencies.

"You have to tell the truth, that this administration is cutting community development block grants, they are cutting money to the home program, they are cutting vouchers, they are cutting all of these programs that impact people", says Congressman Green.

Sandra Massie mentioned, "Medicare and social security is being cut by $300, $400, $500  dollars".

The congressman also played recordings he had received, death threats, after he called for the president's impeachment. He says he will continue to lobby for what he says he believes is right.

Congressman Green says, "you have the last word, the American people have the last word and I thank God that you are here are here so that you can speak out and so that your words will be heard".