Colorism in entertainment, social media

It seems the further you think we've come as a people, social media reminds us how far we still have to go when it comes to skin color in America.

The latest issue involves the announcement of the new DC television show the Titans. They cast a dark-skinned black female in the role of Starfire, who was an orange skin alien in the comics. Some people soon began trolling and attacking the actress who won the roll, Anna Diop. She had to actually shut her Instagram page down.

This isn’t anything new. When Hollywood attempts to cast a black actress there is often criticism she's too dark or just not light enough. Then there are cases where Hollywood casts Halle Berry as Storm, who is significantly lighter than the comic book version of Storm, who is from Africa.

On the Factor to talk about this is author and entrepreneur Crystal Hadnot and author and philanthropist Jotina Buck.