Clown touches, growls at woman in Fredericksburg, Va.

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Police in Fredericksburg are investigating a report of a man wearing a clown mask approaching and grabbing a woman inside her vehicle.

The incident reportedly happened in downtown Fredericksburg in the 1800 block of Stafford Avenue at around 3:04 p.m. Tuesday. It is a busy street near the city's bus station, a church and a restaurant.

Police said a man wearing a clown mask with green hair and a black long sleeve shirt walked up to a woman who was sitting in her car with her window down and allegedly reached in, touched her on the shoulder and growled at her before running off towards in the direction of Seacobeck Street. The victim who is in her 30s was not harmed.

"It has been turned over to our detective division, so we are taking this very seriously at this point,” said Fredericksburg Police Senior Officer Tabitha Timmons. “It is considered an assault at this point because they did touch her. The victim doesn’t seem to be taking it that seriously and she's happy she wasn't hurt.”

This incident comes as a "creepy clown" phenomenon has been spreading across the country as police departments have been receiving reports of people dressing up as clowns acting suspiciously or clown-related online threats being posted on social media threatening harm at schools around the D.C. region.