4-year-old boy dies in dog attack at Baytown home

A little boy has died after being attacked by dogs in a Baytown home, where he had been staying.

Baytown Police say officers were dispatched to a home in the 2700 Block of Massey Tompkins for a dog fight call around 7:40 a.m. Wednesday.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a 4-year-old boy had been attacked by dogs.

Baytown EMS was on the scene performing life-saving measures. The boy was then transported to Baytown Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from the injuries.


"Today Baytown Police Officers worked a call that every officer dreads, the death of a child," said Baytown Police Chief John Stringer. "We are heartbroken for the loss this child. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the community who has been impacted by this tragedy."

Police say a resident in the home was injured when trying to intervene in the attack. The resident received medical treatment at the scene.

According to neighbors, it was the family’s pet pit bulls that attacked their 4-year-old nephew, who had apparently been staying with them.

Surveillance video from a neighbor’s camera captures the horrifying pitbull attack that took the life of a 4-year-old boy.  

Just as kids were leaving to catch the bus for school, Yahir Martinez pulled up for his maintenance job, just like he does every morning. 

"My boss and the kids that were walking to school, they had no idea that that was happening. Absolutely no idea," Martinez said. 

Martinez said he heard an unusual scream, turned around, and witnessed up to four pit bulls surround the 4-year-old boy.  

Authorities did not clarify how many dogs were involved in the attack.

"The dogs came out, and they were full of blood. It was crazy," Martinez said. "From what I’d seen, I think the baby was missing part of its face. That really messed my stomach this morning up and I did not want to eat, and I felt like throwing up. It just shocked me."

Martinez dialed 911. EMS is then seen on a neighbor's surveillance camera pulling up to the scene to transport the boy to the hospital, where he later died.  

Yadi Rodriguez has lived across from the family for a year and a half. She called the family this morning after seeing their house surrounded by police.

"She told me that their own dog attacked their little nephew which I was like that’s crazy because we’ve never seen y'alls dogs as aggressive, especially because it’s housebroken, and they’ve had it for a while," Rodriguez said.


Rodriguez said she’s never seen any issues with their pit bull being aggressive, even around her own Chihuahua dog.  

"He never hurt anybody," Rodriguez said. "Like they will let him out to do his business and he would just go right back. They would call him by his name, and he would go right back. He wasn’t stubborn or anything, he was a really nice dog."

Baytown Police say a woman who tried to intervene during the attack was injured in the process.

Authorities say the dogs were seized by animal control Wednesday morning. However, it's unclear what will happen to them.