Changes coming to Briarmeadow neighborhood

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FOX EXCLUSIVE - Some Houston residents say in only days they could see their safety and security crumble before their very eyes.

Those who live in Briarmeadow subdivision say Walmart built a 400 plus yard/25 foot high fence near their homes in 2001. 

The barrier was designed to reduce noise pollution and to keep potential criminals off their property.  But residents say the land once the site of the old Sam's Club has been purchased by Embrey, a San Antonio developer.

The company plans to tear down the wall as they build high end apartments on the lot. 

Don Couch says they simply want the wall to remain until the complex is built.

We reached out to Embrey developers and so far the company has not responded. 

Houston city councilman Richard Nguyen is also trying to get the developer to talk with the residents.