'Cartersville 70' decide their next steps

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They've become known as the "Cartersville 70". Dozens of young people arrested at a house party in Cartersville celebrating a 21st birthday. They were arrested in late December after police found what turned out to be less than an ounce of marijuana. Many in the group and some parents met Monday night to talk about what happened and what should happen next.

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It was Deja Heard's birthday. She and some friends rented a house in Cartersville. She said everyone was having a good time and then the police showed up. Cartersville Police said officers were responding to a call of 'shots fired' in the area. According to the police report, officers said marijuana was in plain sight. Everyone at the party was arrested.

Heard said she was in jail for three days.

"Everything we went through in jail, it's been hard, and the following weeks, people are mean," said Heard.

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The arrests have dramatically affected many of their lives.

"I lost my job, I was without my son, and I'm still bouncing back when it comes to my personal life," said Nija Guider who was arrested.

Eventually, the district attorney dropped the charges against all but one of them. Still, Guider said it doesn't erase what happened.

"When it comes down to it, you can't undo the arrest, the domino effect, you can't undo," said Guider.

Attorney Gerald Griggs said dropping the charges was step one, but it's not enough. He said the civil rights of those arrested were violated.

"We know what happened was improper," said Griggs.

"I want to push forward with anything we can, we're not going to stand still, we're not going to be quiet," said Deja Heard.

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