Candlelight vigil honors six children in mass murder

It was an emotional night in northwest Harris County as a church community remembered the six children murdered last weekend at a candlelight vigil. 

It took place at the Liberation Baptist Church where the children attended vacation bible school. People say it is really starting to sink in that those six precious children are gone forever.

It was a small and intimate gathering as church members lifted their voices to God for six little angels Nathaniel, Honesty, Dewayne, Kaleb, Trinity and Noah.

"We all got to know them especially my boyfriend who got to know all of them.  They grew up coming here and it's really hard to know they're all gone and they don't deserve that," Yvonne Salazar said.

"All the boys we'd be back there behind the church throwing the football, they were very energetic and they were always kind and respectful in terms of when we worked with them," Pastor Jezer Urena said.

It was this time last week deputies were alerted the family of 8 was in danger. The suspect 48 year old David Conley is charged with several counts of capital murder, but nothing can bring back so many lives robbed of a bright future.

"What we saw right now was is the Apex of the worst that could possibly happen in an instance of domestic violence and that's why it's our duty honor the kids and mainly let community know we're standing against domestic violence," Urena said.

Many say prayers are all they have left and fond memories of six beautiful, innocent children.

"I will always remember them as happy and loving and kind and funny little kids," Salazar said.

The funeral for the entire family is Monday at the Fallbrook Church. Doors open at 11:15 am.