Candidates trying to unseat 6 Harris Co. Criminal District Court Judges mentioned the most on Breaking Bond

Last week, we heard from candidates trying to unseat 262nd Judge Lori Chambers Gray 180th Judge DaSean Jones and 248th Judge Hillary Unger.

230th Criminal Judge Chris Morton has released six defendants on multiple felony bonds who have gone on to allegedly commit murder.

"I was on the bench for six years from January 2013 to basically the end of 2018," said former Judge Brad Hart. 

Hart hopes to beat Chris Morton and regain the 230th.

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"I had no intentions of running again. But frankly after leaving the bench at the end of 2018 and almost immediately seeing a drastic change at the courthouse, specifically as it relates to the bail issue," Hart said.

"I've tried cases at all levels, federal courts of all degrees, speeding tickets all the way up to murder cases," said attorney Andy Taylor.

Taylor is running against 228th Judge Frank Aguilar, who had released eight defendants on multiple felony bonds who went on to become murder suspects.

"In the 228th right now, 36% of the cases are older than a year," Taylor said. "That tells me these cases aren't being addressed appropriately."

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"I'm running for that court because it comes down to crime," said attorney Joshua Normand.

Normand is hoping to unseat 232nd Judge Josh Hill.

Hill has released 10 defendants on multiple bonds who went on to allegedly kill people.

"A lot of violent offenders released on PR bonds," Normand said. "At this point, it's up to 10 people murdered by defendants while on felony bonds out of that court."

"It's a court that has a lot of people who have re-offended," said prosecutor Amber Cox.

Cox is running for the 263rd district court. Judge Amy Martin lost in the primary.

"If you're doing things you're not supposed to be doing on bond, then how can I believe that you're going to do anything differently with more bonds," Cox said.


"I'm a 16-year criminal defense attorney," said Melissa Marie Morris. 263rd Democrat opponent Melissa Marie Morris beat Amy Martin in the primary.

"I would take into consideration all the things that are important to make sure there's a balance between individual rights and public safety," she said.

"I've handled everything from a misdemeanor traffic tickets all the way up to murder cases," said prosecutor Katherine Thomas.

Thomas is running for the 184th. Judge Abigail Anastasio lost in the primary.

"I believe I can bring two things to this court," Thomas said. "One, a balance perspective that considers the safety of our community, and also ensure that a defendants rights are protected."

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"I've been a prosecutor for 14 years," said Heather Hudson.

Hudson is running for the 208th as Judge Greg Glass lost in the primary.

"I would take community safety in account when setting bail," Hudson said. "That's something the current sitting judge routinely failed to do in spite of very tragic consequences."

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