Burger King's Angriest WHOPPER has hot sauce baked in

Burger King is at it again, changing up its staple hamburger, the WHOPPER®, with a new kind of bun.

We all remember the Halloween-themed, black bun, which came with a questionable side effect many explained on social media.

Now, the restaurant chain is calling it the "Angriest WHOPPER sandwich," but it may make your stomach angrier than the burger itself. 

According to Burger King's website, the Angriest WHOPPER® sandwich has that signature flame-grilled beef, as well as bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and tomatoes. The "angry" ingredients include "angry onion petals," jalapeños and spicy angry sauce.

Then it's surrounded in the new, red bun that has hot sauced baked in.

With all this angry, you won't be surprised at the equally hateful nutrition information. The Angriest WHOPPER sandwich boasts 830 calories, 51 grams of fat (78-percent of daily recommended value in a 2,000 calorie diet), 115 milligrams of cholesterol (38-percent daily recommended value), and 1530 milligrams of sodium (64-percent daily recommended value).

However, it has 34 grams of protein, which is 68-percent of the daily recommended value based on a 2,000 calorie diet. If nutrition labels are your thing, just eat carrots the rest of the day and you'll be set! After one of the Angriest WHOPPERs, your taste buds may not know the difference, anyway.