Bumble removing users' gun photos

The Austin-based dating app Bumble is taking aim at gun enthusiasts who use their service.

Bumble will no longer allow users to post pictures with guns in them, unless the person is military or a law enforcement officer in uniform.

“I think it's a really smart move,” said Isaac Feldberg, a Bostonian who uses the app.

The company released a statement Monday that reads in part, "As mass shootings continue to devastate communities across the country, it's time to state unequivocally that gun violence is not in line with our values, nor do these weapons belong on Bumble. From today on, we will begin the process of moderating all new and previously uploaded photos for the presence of guns."

People who spoke to FOX 7 Austin had mixed feelings about the idea.

“Well, I don't use Bumble, but if I did, I would want to see a real representation of whoever's profile I was looking at,” said Courtney Jones who is not on the app.

“It's one thing to have your profile free and unique to yourself, but that's saying something and promoting yourself in a way maybe the company of Bumble doesn't want to be represented themselves,” said Slade Harrell who also says he doesn’t use the app.

FOX 7 Austin found several users who did display guns in their profile pictures. The majority of them are hunting photos.

Bumble said they hope the move will encourage people to treat one another with respect and kindness both online and off.

“Having an app like Bumble actually go and say, ‘we don't want this content here. We don't want this to be a facet of modern dating through our lens of it.’ It just entirely sends the right message to those people who would be socialized as seeing guns as being attractive,” Feldberg said.

“It's a thorny issue. I understand the sensitivity of it, but I think that if you're not doing something unlawful then it shouldn't be prohibited,” said Carolyn Saegert who is also not a Bumble member.

Bumble is also making a $100,000 donation to March for our Lives. That's the organization founded by the survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.