Breaking Bond: Convicted felon accused of violently attacking mother 24 hours after jail release

36-year-old Danny Leonard's criminal history dates back to 2004.

On Nov. 7, Leonard was charged with evading arrest following a police chase and a felony for possession of a weapon.

230th Criminal District Court Judge Chris Morton granted Leonard two personal recognizance bonds and he was a free man.

"The next day not even 24 hours later after he gets out on a PR bond, he goes to his mother's house," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "His mother is 70-years-old, he demands her car evidently he totaled the other car."

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According to court documents, after Leonard's mother refused to give him her car keys, he picked her up and was carrying her upside down.

"He starts biting her he's biting this 70-year-old mother on the knee the mother is trying to get herself free from the bitemarks," Kahan said. "He continues the assault and she's scared out of her wits, and I don't blame her."

Court documents stated after he set his mother down, he ripped off all her clothes and poured bottles of ice water all over her asking where the car keys were.

"She ran out of the house as soon as she could, and I can't imagine what would have happened to her if she hadn't been able to get away," said Kahan.

We went to the northwest side home Leonard shared with his mother but no one answered the door.

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Court documents stated Leonard's mother and her grandson fled the home, scared for their lives. She apparently hasn't returned home since the attack.

So what's Danny Leonard up to now? Hours after our story aired, Leonard was placed in custody with no bond.