Breaking Bond: Same judge takes no action against defendant on probation, free on bond at the same time

232nd Criminal District Court Judge Josh Hill seems to be sending a message to defendants sentenced to probation.

If you violate your conditions or get charged with more crimes, you won't end up behind bars.

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Last year, 35-year-old Franchessca Feagins is charged with criminal mischief.

Police say she was trying to break into a woman's house that she knows.

In July 2023, Feagins is charged with arson.

She's accused of breaking into the same woman's house by busting out a bedroom window with a hammer, and then throwing a Molotov cocktail inside while the woman was sleeping in her bed.

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Last December, she pleads guilty to arson and criminal mischief. 

"She gets five years deferred adjudication, which basically means she's put on probation," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "Not even a month goes by and the DA's office files a motion to adjudicate guilt, she's not abiding by her curfew, GPS requirements."

Judge Josh Hill decides to continue Feagins probation and she remains free.

Sound familiar?

In a May 7 Breaking Bond report, we told you about another defendant who was out on bond and serving probation at the same time.

Judge Josh Hill took no action against that defendant even though she picked up new criminal charges.

"This doesn't set a good example for someone who actually wants to abide by their conditions of probation, and they're going to see something like this and think nothing is going to happen if I violate my probation," Kahan said.