Boosting women's libido - V Intimate Cream

Most women suffer from a low sex drive at some point in life and it can drive a real wedge into their relationships, but a new prescription can help them re-light their fire. 

"It was instantly - hey baby - how about it," exclaims Tia Neyman, as her response to the new prescription, called V-Intimate Cream, formulated just for ladies.  She discovered it at Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa, but admits to being skeptical at first.  "We've bought moisturizers, but my initial reaction was incorrect. I think it's right to be doubtful of something, I think that's a good healthy reaction, but the cream was most happily received, and I highly recommend it," states Tia.  

Before this, she was frustrated about the lack of options. "The little blue pill for men has been around for decades - and that to me meant we weren't as important - and yet what good is a little blue pill - if you don't have a wife who's going to enjoy it with you," questions Tia.

She has been married to Jempy 25 years, but both say their intimacy had dwindled to cuddling, mostly due to painful and dry intercourse after menopause.

"Us males have fragile egos and what she did to alleviate my trepidation was she went out and actively sought something that would rectify that, rather than making me feel like I was inadequate that it was something I was - or was not doing - that contributed to the problem. It has made a nice positive impact on our relationship," explains Jempy.  

"Sadly as our bodies age, so does everything else, so if we can come up with a way to anti-age people from the inside out, we have happy people, so we're extremely happy about this product," says Katina Kearns, Owner of Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa in Houston.  

Aaron Schneider helped Renew develop the one-of-a-kind compound at Revive RX Pharmacy. "We're a Houston-based pharmacy and we service over 7,500 patients across Texas. We work with over 400 doctors and specialists in Urology, Urogynecology, and Reproductive Medicine. We discovered an unmet need of female libido.  There are a lot of products out there for men, only a couple of products for women and many are not very successful or yield the response you'd want," explains Schneider.    

Staci Henderson was surprised at her own response, after testing the product.

"Everyone can use a little extra spice and it kind of gets you thinking about it earlier in the day - maybe that you're going to use it, something's going to happen, thinking about something that's not the laundry," she laughs.  

We asked the biggest question:  Do they have enough in stock? And they say they definitely do. V-Intimate cream costs $279 per bottle.  

Renew Body Contouring is about to release their new nasal spray to increase libido in both men and women. Since it's prescription-only, you'll need to fill out a medical questionnaire to be approved by their Ob/Gyn and Medical Director. The owner of Renew says you can do that either online, in person, or through telemedicine.  

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