Bond increased to $175,000 for man in neighbor's shooting


The Harris County District Attorney’s Office released the following statement on Tuesday:

Harris County prosecutors successfully sought Tuesday to more than triple the bail for Hector Campos, who is charged with murdering a female neighbor who had helped Campos’s wife and infant child escape his abusive behavior.

State District Judge Maria Jackson increased Campos’s bail from $50,000 to $175,000 after a hearing in the 339th District Court during which Campos testified, as did several witnesses.

They included the family of his victim, Ana Weed, who he murdered in January in her yard.
Following the judge’s ruling, Campos was immediately taken away by bailiffs.

Testimony during the hearing revealed new information about Campos’ animosity toward his neighbors because of their unwillingness to tell him where his wife and the infant child had fled to escape him.  
Campos, who surprisingly took the stand and waived his right to remain silent, admitted to the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Josh Phanco, that he shot Weed because she refused to reveal the whereabouts of his wife. 

Campos testified that he felt all of his actions were justified.  He said he could not understand why surviving family members and neighbors of the deceased might be scared of him. 
Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg lauded the ruling.

“We have a duty to keep the public safe and respect for the rights of the accused,” she said. “This defendant’s own testimony confirmed the justifiable fears of the victims and neighbors that he was an unstable and imminent danger under the bail conditions for which he had first been released.” 

The head of a Bible study group testified that Campos wrongfully accused him of having an affair with Campos’s wife because Campos had found text messages of verses intended for group study on her phone.
Weed’s mother testified how she had been “her rock” in her life, and how following the shooting, Weed’s husband sought to resuscitate her.