Bond increased to $1 million for man arrested with gun at church

A man who allegedly threatened to kill people at a Houston church is in jail and won't be getting out anytime soon after his bond was increased.

On Sunday, the pastor of Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church says Keanu Randolph started cursing at him and a deacon a members escorted Randolph out.  According to court documents, Randolph pulled out a gun and started threatening people saying he would kill the deacon, rape his wife and hurt his daughter.

During Randolph’s initial hearing, the magistrate followed bail guidelines and set it at $7,000 -- sparking fears he’s get out.

“I have no idea what they were thinking when they set a $7,000 bond on a case like this,” said Joe Gamaldi with the Houston Police Officers’ Union. “The bond amount needs to be consistent with the threat that he posses with the risk that he poses to the community.”

Tuesday afternoon, prosecutors successfully moved to have the bond increased to $1 million. But the HPOU president says there was a window of time where Randolph could've been released after coming up with just $700.